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Building successful, inspired lives. Our turnkey Biz Plans and interactive skill building teaches kids and teens how to run a business, have a blast, and reach their full potential. Business for Kids is as easy as one, two, three…

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  • Educator Testimonial

    "Providing entrepreneurship education to both high school and college students has been a big area of focus for us.

    We are partnering with Biz Whiz Academy because they have provided an excellent platform with their variety of business plans and real business models for students to engage in, help fill skill gaps and build stronger career pathways for students."

    -Israel Dominguez
    Director, Business & Entrepreneurship Center at Cuesta College

  • Educator Testimonial

    "Generation E Institute recently partnered with BWA and will be incorporating BWA products into our accredited entrepreneurial curricula for select high schools in 2014.

    We chose to join forces with BWA because their products and Generation E curricula provide a highly successful environment for practicing entrepreneurship.”

    -Cheryl Peters
    Executive Director, Generation E Institute & 2012 Outstanding Entrepreneurship Educator by the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education

  • Parent Testimonial

    “I wasn’t sure how easy it would be for my son to start a business with a Biz Whiz Biz Plan. I purchased the Car Washer business for him because he could work close to home on our street and I didn’t have to worry about him being far away. I can’t believe how independent he has become! Now when we plan out of town trips he says -WHAT ABOUT MY BUSINESS?! His dedication alone tells me how much he is enjoying this experience!”

    -Miranda Smith, Parent

  • User Testimonial

    "After months of searching for a job, I finally tried Biz Whiz Academy's Resume Writing Guide. I used the interactive worksheets, hints, interview tips and customizable resume template to improve my resume and interview skills.

    I submitted my resume to a company who offered me an interview - and I got the job!"

    -Biz Whiz customer, 18 years old

  • User Testimonial

    "I really liked the scripts and the flyers that are ready to go. Plus, the supply list and pricing suggestions were great. I used immediately and customized for my business.

    I really liked the Skill builders guides! Great ideas & they work!"

    -Brandon, 15 years old

  • User Testimonial

    "The Biz Whiz Academy taught me how to start up my own entrepreneurial business as a kid by babysitting and petsitting.

    I am now in college and still use the tools and training I learned from Biz Whiz while persuing a degree in Communications and Business."

    -Kayla, 21 years old

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The real reason I developed Biz Whiz Academy

Biz Whiz Academy was born when I decided to impart the life lessons of entrepreneurism with my first child when she was thirteen years old. I found a lack of resources supporting business for kids and other practical skill building tools. I wanted to take my experience as a corporate executive and a successful entrepreneur and teach my children these real-world skills.

I provided the “tools” and the framework for the business; their personal success and growth became noticeable very quickly. I believe they had a head start by learning life lessons such as self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment, independence, self-reliance and time management skills.

This is what inspired me to develop Biz Whiz Academy along with other entrepreneurs, educators, and business professionals – always keeping my kids in mind. I never regret this extra time spent with my children, they certainly grow up so quick!

Business for KidsErik Amato

Biz Whiz Academy Founder